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  • T-RES built on latest browser based technology with a strong foundation of best business practices for leisure and corporate travel management. It’s an innovative solution that can expertly and efficiently manage the complete spectrum of activities involved in effective travel business management and comprise of multiple modules.

    • Customized and exclusive reservation System
    • Integrates seamlessly with multiple external systems
    • Web enabled software platform

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  • T-Corp is purpose built online corporate travel manager, is an efficient & effective Corporate Travel manager - on click you always wanted to recruit is now much more improved & available to work tirelessly 24/7. T- Corp is a complete solution, empowered with features that corporate client always sought, T-Corp is combination of travel policy maker, Expense manager & travel budget, Travel management from booking to ticket issuance.

    • Travel Policy Maker
    • Expense Manager
    • Budget Indicator
    • Trip Manager

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  • There is no billboard like own website and every company want to make best use of this bill board, T-Portal offers varied functionality & robotics that are built focusing on this need. Built in Content management system would allow you to publish hot deals, preferred packages & destination wise at your will. We are sure you don’t need anything more to go with a Bang. We are heads up with the competition in making highly functional & rewarding Travel Portals.

    • B2C, B2B Website
    • Sophisticated Technology
    • Proven Techniques
    • Customized offering

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  • Having sub-agents / Franchise / Home based agents allows travel companies to expand faster, enable better negotiation power with suppliers and greater revenue streams. Most likely, this additional business comes from customers that host agency probably could not obtain by self; so having sub-agents allows travel companies to penetrate additional markets. sub-agents are asset and not liability.

    • Consumer Website
    • Rate Master
    • Budget Indicator
    •Trip Manager

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  • TechTuner’s cutting edge solution, T-POWER is powered with high end technology which forms a fine mesh with TRAMS back office and helps generating critical analysis, stock management and critical industry related documents. It not only helps the core functions but also in complex operations BSP reconciliation, LPO and voucher generation, agency stock management, and business reporting, which are imperative for business to work smarter.

    • Back office inventory management
    • BSP reconciliation, LPO and voucher generation
    • Agency stock management and business reporting

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TT_BulletTechTuners moved into bigger & better office facilities & location in Dubai & India.
TT_BulletTechTuners has launched four new service divisions, exclusively carved for travel trade.
TT_BulletProduct Updates:
T-RES 3.01 - all in one reservation system
T-POWER 4.01 - a true power for travel companies
T-GDS 2.01- an extension of Galileo Desktop
T-SMS 3.01 - A unique two-way SMS system
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